Wool versus spandex thermal leggings?

2021.10.18 22:54 zenithaidos Wool versus spandex thermal leggings?

Recently been looking into gear for winter riding. For hiking, I have a spandex pair of thermal leggings as I was under the impression that cotton thermals retain water and don’t dry off well.
For cycling, do you guys wear or prefer spandex or wool/cotton?
I will sometimes be riding in normal training pants and sometimes with my actual bib, and would like something versatile to wear under as a base layer in both scenarios. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 22:54 ChemistryIsTheBest Erliğin yeni videosu

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2021.10.18 22:54 Save-on-Beets Any tips on how to begin another collection after burglary?

Bit of backstory,
I grew up with Pokemon. I remember my friend bringing home this game and watching over his shoulder as he battled different monsters. I remember Viridian Forest almost felt dangerous with all of the trainers and poisoning Weedles. Eventually, I was overjoyed to mow enough yards to afford my own copy of Blue and a Gameboy Pocket. I chose my Charmander and never looked back. I've been enjoying Pokemon ever since.
I got into the card game not long after and attended Pokemon leagues at Books-A-Million every weekend. I would walk 4 miles one way with my binder in my backpack and money for grocery store sandwiches so I could stay as long as possible. I battled and traded my way through so many pre-release promos, stamp books, etc. It was truly a different time.
By this time I had amassed an amazing collection. I had all of the Base, Fossil, and Jungle sets. Personally pulled 3 Charizards from the Base set, Venusaur out of a Venusaur Base set pack a friend bought me for Christmas, Blastoise on my way home from a local comic book store with my father. I remember every moment. That amazing feeling when you finally pull that card you've been needing. Had a Jungle set Flareon and Venemoth that had no Jungle symbol. The colors on the Jungle set Flareon still blow me away to this day. We went to the movies and gotten all of the legendary birds, Ancient Mew promos, Mewtwo from the VHS, etc.
While I was at my mothers house (parents were separated), my stepmother's mom had passed away from complications brought on by Alzheimer's. They were away making accommodations for her. We received a call from my father who was frantic. Someone had broken into our house and completely ransacked it. They literally stole everything including the food that we had in our refrigerator. What they couldn't steal, they broke beyond repair. I remember coming home to find only my Dragon Ball Z card pages that I had for some reason stuffed under my dresser.
It's been 18 years and to this day I mourn those losses. I can appreciate the joy that those moments brought me, but something feels like it's always been missing. I can't help but to think of that Flareon or Charizard being rained on in a dump somewhere. It hurts a lot. I could go on about everything that I lost that day, but I feel I've rambled enough.
I recently started trying to grow another collection, but it's difficult without avenues like Books-A-Million. (Not sure I would go anyway being 3x years old)
All this to say, those of you that have lost a collection so close to your heart, how did you recover? Did you keep playing or did you move on? What would you do on my shoes?
Thanks for reading my sob story. I truly still hope to be part of this scene. I spent so many years playing and collecting and the community was always so great.
Grew up with a collection made over so many years and lost it due to a burglary. How would you deal with that kind of loss?
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2021.10.18 22:54 VGMistress Bad urologist experience

Horrible experience with the famous bladder doctor I heard so fucking much about. Should preface this to mention I'm asexual, a virgin, and hate objects going into my vagina. She was late seeing me, as per usual with bladder doctors, and when I walked into the room they wanted me to take my bottoms off and wear a tablecloth like I was at the OB/GYN. I’m starting to panic seeing weird-looking instruments on the table. I wasn’t expecting this. She comes in, accesses me and then takes a look downstairs. Usually I’m fine with a finger going in but her fingers are sausages, and it’s been a while since I was fingered by a doc. Then she gives me all these papers and prescriptions, and one of them is a suppository which I am not comfortable with. I tell her that, and she tells me I should talk to my therapist about this. What a fucking surprise, she’s aphobic. NONE of these papers mention what I was expecting, which was Botox therapy. I am angry, but I can’t speak to her because I was about to start crying. I’m not taking any of the stupid meds she prescribed, nor will I be doing more pelvic floor therapy, which already did nothing for me when I did it before. She is so renowned, but she failed me. Like they ALL do. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I WANT A FUCKING CURE. I WANT RELIEF. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE FUCKING MEDICAL INDUSTRY? Has COVID taught this fuckers anything?!
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2021.10.18 22:54 TrojanHell Ah Yes, The Similar Difficulties Of The Battle Pass Challenges

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2021.10.18 22:54 Earthmama56 Can someone explain how to play"Jeopardy" for a quiz review? (ELA)

So I have a Jeopardy online review for figurative language. I know how the TV game is played, but how do we do this in the classroom? Sorry for such a basic question but I've no idea how to play it with students...TIA!
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2021.10.18 22:54 sandwichesareevil Bulletins vd tar in trippelmördare

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2021.10.18 22:54 Andrei22125 And both tomboys in question are voiced by Courtenay Taylor

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2021.10.18 22:54 isushiroll I think I’ve listened to Pink Moon (album) so much that i’ve killed it for myself

I’m actually really upset about this, its made worse by the fact that every time I listen to it i want it to feel the same, making the experience worse as it makes me anxious.
Its a real shame, also because a good friend bought the vinyl for me unexpectedly.
Maybe one day it will be refreshed in my mind…
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2021.10.18 22:54 Alex09464367 Did anybody else buy the dip? 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.10.18 22:54 CheeriosAlternative should i mod my wii u?

ive had it since 2016 and i have a decent library, also works very well still. but i figure nintendo doesnt care and i heard its easy to mod. what can i do with a modded wii u? id like to engage into it more since ive pretty much played all my games and completed all of them are done, so i kinda just play anything like splatoon or mario maker but i might get bored.
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2021.10.18 22:54 Crystal_Sunshine_ With or without the flannel? [F48]

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2021.10.18 22:54 FastAsFrikBoi Looking for ppl to play w/ very casual

I’m 17f so I would prefer anyone around my age range , idc abt mics or anything and I don’t mind using anyone but my mains are Octane, Lifeline and Wattson
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2021.10.18 22:54 WithATwistOfLemon ELI5: Where does wind come from and where does it go?

Where does it come from cotton eyed joe?
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2021.10.18 22:54 nathanello Jusssss sayin

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2021.10.18 22:54 Renegade_Meister Today's Rise of the Tomb Raider update rolled back to previous build

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2021.10.18 22:54 akamey__ 🏆

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2021.10.18 22:54 PicassoOfAll97 Those that have SCHEDULED or COMPLETED final rounds for Microsoft prior to today, is Microsoft doing in-person Final rounds or final rounds on Teams?

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2021.10.18 22:54 alanphoenix M23, please rate me and name my pros and cons

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2021.10.18 22:54 Snoo-78407 Indecision on whether I should retake a 509 is killing me

I took the MCAT back in January 2021 and received a 509 (128 128 125 128). After graduating from college with a 3.66 cGPA, 3.61 sGPA in May of this year, I felt that my stats were slightly below mediocre for matriculants but not poor enough to exclude me from having my app reviewed.
But now after extensively reviewing MSAR data and statistics for ORMs, I feel very conflicted on whether I should attempt to retake my MCAT. The 2020-2021 avg for ORM matriculants was a 513 with a +/- 4 STD. My GPA is also lower than ORM matriculants, but not almost a full STD lower. I made a list of things I have considered and cannot seem to come to a resolution on:
- I was a biology major, and a 125 B/B could be lethal even for mid-low tier MDs as an ORM.
- As a VA resident, I am within the range of at least 10-25% for GPA and MCAT of the matriculants for most of the VA state schools according to MSAR, but my biology score is less than 10% for some of them. This probably means that no one ever has gotten into these schools with a 125 B/B.
Don't retake:
- My practice scores were 508-512 for AAMC FLs. On third-parties like NextStep and Kaplan, they ranged from 504 to 510. I studied full-time for 2 months for this exam and used PR practice sets, UPangea, JW, etc. , and 3-4 months balancing schoolwork on the side.
- I am planning on applying next cycle in May 2022, and am working hard to fulfill my ECs that I had difficulty completing because of COVID. I will have 300+ hours of clinical volunteering, 400+ non-clinical, and 2000+ hours of research with 2 conference/poster presentations by the time I apply. I work as a research tech at a top oncology research institute and hope to get a publication sometime within the following year. I am learning so much about the medical field and work 60 hours a week at my job and volunteering, and greatly enjoy it. I'm not sure how much energy I can commit to retaking outside of what I am doing now which might include getting a tutor or taking MCAT classes.
- I am open to DO schools, although unsure if I can frame my personal statement well with what DO schools offer. I am heavily interested in oncology and epidemiology. More research needed on my part for this.
TLDR: I feel content with most of my application and feel I have a lot to write about in my ECs and personal statement that can help me stand out. My grades and MCAT are mediocre/borderline-poor for ORM, and was wondering if applying with a 509 would default my application to rejection before it is fully reviewed for even low-mid-tier medical schools.
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2021.10.18 22:54 EmDeMedici Classic hummus with some smoked paprika. YUM!

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2021.10.18 22:54 crytoloover Cardano HUGE Potential! - ADA MASSIVE News Coming! - Cardano Price Prediction

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2021.10.18 22:54 sportsthreads First Look at OKC Thunder New City Uniform for 2022

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2021.10.18 22:54 crytoloover AXIE INFINITY: Vas a perder dinero y lo dicen los desarroladores!

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2021.10.18 22:54 synonyco 1975 Iowa License Plate 28 BRG122

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