The american exeggutor regional form

2021.10.18 22:26 Quiet-Perception3026 The american exeggutor regional form

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2021.10.18 22:26 Vegetable-Village-34 Giratina on me! 1466 7778 1193

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2021.10.18 22:26 CountingMoons Happy MC Monday!

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2021.10.18 22:26 typicalaussie23 Old video that popped up on my recommended (EW)

Old video that popped up on my recommended (EW) So I went on YouTube this morning and this video popped up on my recommended I found it highly disturbing and inappropriate especially because of the thumbnail, the thing is I have seen other family channels do the same thing and I find it incredibly disturbing.
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2021.10.18 22:26 coolio9876 Is down ?

Was wondering if is down for anyone else ? Anyone have any idea what's going on with it?
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2021.10.18 22:26 Ok_Cantaloupe_1465 Plan to move out from toxic household

UPDATE i got the job today after the interview and i start on wednesday, From here i’ll try save a bit before moving out though i’m also looking at applying for grants etc
i’m a 19 year old guy in scotland trying to move out from a toxic household though each time i try too, i’m constantly made to feel bad for ‘leaving my mum’ bc she suffers from cancer. my parents have my savings and keep hold of them and never give me them when i ask or when i’m in desperate need of them. I’m always told ‘i’m not responsible enough to hold my savings’ even though it’s money that i’ve saved up over the past years. i’ve threatened them both saying i’d seek legal advice if they don’t give me my savings that i saved and that i was entitled too though their response is ‘there’s no proof this money belongs to you so if you do seek legal help there’s nothing they can do’ then laugh in my face. On top of that i work part time in the family business where they pay me £40 per shift for a 7 hour shift (roughly £5.71 per hour) not even minimum wage. though i don’t get that either. they claim to ‘put it towards my savings’ though i’m realistically never getting them. i’ve tried to leave the job before though when i did my mum got her two brothers to ‘have a word with me’ and instead they made me feel bad and manipulated me for thinking about leaving the workplace.
and also they don’t let me out the house after 9pm, if i try to they’ll start arguing with me and then throw tantrums and call me a shit son and say how i shouldn’t be going out. i’m running out of ideas on what to do with this situation and i’m needing help because i need out this toxic environment before i end up doing something silly though i cannot move out until i have all my savings.
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2021.10.18 22:26 GodLevelShinobi stepped on a nail last night. I believe it was dirty.

I had my last shot 7 years ago. I cleaned wound well. It barely went into my skin. I've heard stories about getting shots before 10 years and bad reactions. I feel very anxious because I feel like I'm I'm a damned if I do damned if I don't scenario. Vaccines give me anxiety and the possibility of adverse reactions. So does contracting tetanus. Should I go to doctor? What will they do for me?
All help is appreciated.
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2021.10.18 22:26 brothermanrighteous I’m not even in Australia

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2021.10.18 22:26 2confrontornot Just got in trouble at work for using the bathroom.

I feel so disgusted and angry and humiliated. I feel like I’m treated like a criminal because of a natural bodily function.
I do have IBS from having my gallbladder removed. Every time I eat anything my stool is always diarrhea. It’s rare that I have a solid BM. I know this is disgusting to have to explain but I feel like a child right now. Or a dog having its face stuck in shit. I can’t help when I have to go it just happens. I have been close to shitting myself at work and I sometimes feel like just letting happen so people will realize im not fucking around in the bathroom.
Maybe I should take pictures for them every time I go. Maybe a video so they realize that… yes, I am shitting for the full 10-15 minutes that I’m in there.
Am I insane? They want me to plan when to shit. They actually expect me to be able to plan to shit the last 10 minutes of my lunch break.
It’s humiliating and degrading.
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2021.10.18 22:26 Kirilizator Почина жената с КОВИД-19, върнати от шест болници

Кратки новини за Ковид-19: Почина 77-годишната жена, заразена с COVID-19, на която 6 лечебни заведения в София отказаха прием. Внучката й Ива разказа, че до петък, баба й била добре. Но започнала да се влошава, затова потърсили Спешна помощ. Възрастната жена била ваксинирана. За това разказва Нова.
Здравното министерство обаче съобщава за съществуваща комуникация между екипите на Спешна помощ и болниците относно свободните места в отделенията. Към момента свободни легла за Ковид-19 има. За това също съобщава Нова. Защо въпросната линейка е скитала въпреки това из столицата, а не предала пациентката на болница с капацитет за прием, остава неизяснено.
Същевременно зад океана почина бившият държавен секретар на Съединените щати Колин Пауъл от COVID-19. Роденият в Ню Йорк Пауъл, който бе на 84 години, е и бивш ръководител на началник-щабовете на САЩ. Той е бил напълно ваксиниран. За това разказват Дневник и Уошингтън Пост.
В медиите обаче продължават да напомнят, че пробивните случаи с Ковид-19 са изключително редки.
След като изчерпа арсенала от мерки като задължителна ваксинация, зелен сертификат, маски и карантини, Гърция приема нови правила, в отчаян опит да контролира епидемичния процес - носенето на двойна предпазна маска може да бъде задължително в някои райони на Гърция, съобщава гръцката телевизия "Скай", цитирана от Дир бг. Гърция е балканският шампион по ваксинации с цели 58,8% ваксинирани в страната.
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2021.10.18 22:26 FromMartian Match the following: Nehru, Gandhi, Veer Savarkar to their jail cells

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2021.10.18 22:26 typicalBACON I'm a student, and I'm struggling financially to stay here in the UK need urgent help.

So I have pretty much no savings other than this few bits of cash from a Bitcoin investment (I put 250€ and have 2000€ now, I already took 300€ out though so I have 1.7k€ left)
I moved here to study but I didn't get any chance of going last year and I'm hoping to start this January. I got a job offer at CeX which I'm really excited about but it pays £8.96/hour maximum and it's 35 hours/week but they're okay with me going to uni and switching to part-time so it's a great opportunity.
If I was alone I'd go for a rented room in the city center, close to uni and the job, £450-£600/month en-suite with all bills included and I wouldn't need to use public transportation only on rare occasions.
But my gf doesn't want to live in a place like that because there would be other people and with the virus she's even more concerned. She's considering going back to our country and I'd have to go with her as she's been crying about us being apart. But she also would like to stay cause she's getting better healthcare here as she has an eye infection which she had for many years and she has a perforation in her eye now, but it's almost fixed in just a couple months that we lived here.
We weren't able to find a job, and especially her because of her problem but if she manages to find a job we'd only save £200 every month which she complains about because we have barely any furniture, and we would need a car if we were to live here where we are still far from city center.
I'd love to build a side business and maybe some passive income to help us get some extra but I really don't know where to start or what to look for. I only have a couple months until January, and still have to fix my situation in uni. With no money to invest, what can I do?
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2021.10.18 22:26 devTripp EDIT to Tunro

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2021.10.18 22:26 Bubbler-saurus Found toothy

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2021.10.18 22:26 Yinzer-tits40 Inspection question

I understand that we are required to show proof of insurance during the auto inspection. Like most companies I don’t get paper cards anymore they are purely electronic. Can I show them an electronic version of my insurance card on my phone or do I need to print it out?
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2021.10.18 22:26 sasdie Growing on a dog rose, southern Germany. Looks like moss, but is firmly attached to the branches. Not all roses at that place have it.

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2021.10.18 22:26 Anonymouse-21 Only Murders in the Building

Os anyone else enjoying this show on Hulu? I really like Steve Martin and I am enjoying the murder mystery with all its twi and turns.
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2021.10.18 22:26 The_Negotiator1012 What is your favorite David Bowie song?

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2021.10.18 22:26 Pepsi4755 Who do you think would win Akuma vs Yujiro. Akuma with no transform to oni or anything just regular Akuma. Because he would be too OP at that point on, it would be like puting Yujiro vs Full on monster Garou

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2021.10.18 22:26 TheRightStuph Anyone selling a G70 19 inch OEM Sport rim?

The front left rim I have is damaged and I need a new. I have the sport G70 so it has the black alloy 19 inch rim. Would really appreciate it.
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2021.10.18 22:26 sunny_autumn_morning Book Review - Survival of the Prettiest by Nancy Etcoff

I don't remember how I first heard of this book, but it had been sitting on my to-read list for a while. I had a minor emotional crisis when I found my first white hair about a year ago and came across a quote from this book about beauty, age, and fertility. That sealed the deal and I ordered it right away.
I enjoyed reading this and found it extremely engaging. It's incredibly well researched and pulls together pop culture, social sciences, philosophy, and literature seamlessly. There's about 50 pages of references to various studies in case any of the content sounds dubious, you can go to the study to dig into it yourself. I found it to be very informationally dense, with not a lot of fluff, but that didn't make it difficult to read. It's coming from a purely secular viewpoint, although there are some religious references, and I've noted below a few places that I see overlap or conflict with Biblical truth.
Some Christians get all up in arms about any reference to evolution, and if that's you, skip this book. There is a good bit of evolutionary biology used to try to explain the measurable, observable facts, which you could probably guess from the title. Personally, I'm comfortable reading something that says "A million years ago, humans had to do xyz, and evolved to accommodate that, which is why we still have such-and-such trait inherent in our biology" and translating it as "A long time ago, xyz was an important part of human life, and we were created to be able to do that" or even "this might be why a human quality was important in the past, even though it doesn't directly provide benefits to the way the world is structured today." Chapter 1: The Nature of Beauty

Interesting quotes in this chapter about the conflicts of beauty in early Christianity. "Beauty was feared as a sensual temptation and a worldly vanity. But it was also revered as an image of God's grace. According to Genesis, man is made in the image of God, therefore his appearance is divine, and the more beautiful, the more Godlike."
"In Durers four books of human proportion, released after his death in 1528, he speaks of the physical perfection of Apollo, Adam before the Fall, and Christ. Their perfect beauty is a sign of their divinity, while our imperfect beauty is a sign of our fall from grace." (Side note here: Isaiah 53:1 says we didn't actually see perfect beauty in the human Christ. "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.")
While I imagine this could vary by denomination or specific faith community, I think many of us still struggle with this conflict. Our body is a temple and we should care for it, but women shouldn't concern themselves with outward appearance, but being attractive for your husband/to attract a future husband is important, but make sure you do it modestly because you wouldn't want anyone to actually find you attractive. (Ok, maybe this is more an issue in purity/modesty culture, but I'm certain that hasn't totally died out.)
"Attitudes toward beauty are entwined with our deepest conflicts surrounding flesh and spirit. We view the body as a temple, a prison, a dwelling for the immortal soul, a tormentor, a garden of earthly delights, a biological envelope, a machine, a home. We cannot talk about our response to our body's beauty without understanding all that we project onto our flesh." - This stood out to me as an insightful note about how we understand and relate to our beauty specifically as Christian women. I need to seek to understand not just what I believe about my body, but what God says about it. Unless we rightly (by Biblical standards) understand our physical bodies, we likely won't fully understand how to think about our body's beauty.
Chapter 2: Beauty as Bait
Chapter 3: Pretty Pleases
Chapter 4: Cover Me
Chapter 5: Feature Presentation
Chapter 6: Size Matters
Chapter 7: Fashion Runaway Of all the chapters, this is the most telling that the book was published in 1999! The ideal body shape of the 90s supermodels and the clothing that were in style are quite different than what we're seeing today.
Chapter 8: Conclusion

Like I said at the beginning, I loved reading this book. And in the 9ish months since I finished it, I still see connections everywhere and think about many of these ideas regularly. (How attractive are the men and women you know who are successful at work? Are you more likely to help people you consider more attractive than you and how does that affect your marriage if you view part of your role as a wife as a helper? What moral value do you assume based on a person's looks? What behaviors help people overcome the looks-based assumptions others make about them? How much of what you consider beautiful is really an indicator of wealth?)
While this was my favorite book I've read all year, and probably even in many years, in no way would I consider this a fundamental book that everyone needs to read. I think it's immensely helpful though to step back and consider the overall concept of beauty and it's importance to help put your own efforts in perspective, to determine which might be the most productive in reaching your goals, and how it all fits into the priorities in your life.
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2021.10.18 22:26 spiritelk25 Radio Broadcast from Sunday?

Does anyone have the radio broadcast with Brad and Babe recorded from yesterday? TuneIn stopped providing game replays because of some technical issue. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find even a trace.
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2021.10.18 22:26 WillXProject [Help] I’m using uYou and the speed should be way higher than that according to speedtest (8mb/s OR 60mbps)

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2021.10.18 22:26 jobsthrow56 What’s up with the slow drivers lately?

Lately I’ve had not one, but two absurdly slow drivers (driving in the right lane, going under the speed limit) and it drives me crazy especially bc I end up needing to pee, badly, and barely make it home. I don’t say anything to the drivers but I swear it seems they’re doing it on purpose. I’ve never noticed or had this with Lyft drivers before. Are there new regulations or what?
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2021.10.18 22:26 remhedrich Lap puppies

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