$CYTK waiting for Buy signal on CYTK https://t.co/FREskcoRox

2021.10.18 21:16 ShortAlgo $CYTK waiting for Buy signal on CYTK https://t.co/FREskcoRox

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2021.10.18 21:16 Giggling_squid95 What do you think about most when day dreaming?

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2021.10.18 21:16 WhereIzDaBeanzBoiz Can anyone give me (17F) general weight loss advice?

I've been trying to lose weight for a few months now (since June I believe). My weight has been fluctuating by about 3kg for the past few months. I've tried going to the gym (not much difference), and then working out at home (still no difference) and it's been tough.
I know most of it is due to my diet but that's the hardest part. I've calculated that I should be eating somewhere between 1600 and 2000 calories a day in order to lose weight. I did note my calories down for a while but I didn't know the calories for most of the stuff I ate so I estimated.
I live at home with my family, who are all healthy weights. My siblings are skinny af so idk why I'm a fat fuck.
A month ago I made a goal to lose around 10-13 kg by the end of this year and I'm no closer to it.
I want to take parts in more sports in 2022 but that might be delayed if I'm not fit enough.
Every year I've envisioned myself as fit in the future but it's the future now and I don't see a difference.
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2021.10.18 21:16 OdrodzenieKomunizmu Po COVIDzie pandemia biedy. 410 tys. polskich dzieci żyje w ubóstwie

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2021.10.18 21:16 ExtensionSinger4154 Crypto Education - Yield Farming Explained

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2021.10.18 21:16 saltplant23 2 weeks sober!!

Even after a horribly traumatic filled night I managed to say no to the addiction. Incredibly proud of myself. I feel so much better this way. The cravings were stronger this week but for some reason I’ve managed to be stronger than them. It’s so worth it leaving this addiction. I feel powerful and free. I feel more like myself everyday and am realizing I wasn’t really living my life, I have so much more energy and time for the things I love and I can still enjoy them just as much as being high if not more. Anyways thank u everyone who has inspired me! Wouldn’t be here without y’all :)
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2021.10.18 21:16 ShortAlgo $ALLO waiting for Buy signal on ALLO https://t.co/znTrjHnrFW

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2021.10.18 21:16 AdIll6070 MC Da tRüf

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2021.10.18 21:16 Robert-Kenneth508 Ferrari boss Binotto planning to miss more races this year to focus on ‘critical phase’ of 2022 development

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2021.10.18 21:16 gimmedatguac Someone pls tell me why these rooms exist

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2021.10.18 21:16 Beneficial-Pie-4908 Moving in with my boyfriend, parents think I’m throwing my future away

I’m 22F turning 23 next month, my boyfriend is 23. We have been together for 2 and a half years. I just graduated college and my plan was to go to law school, the thing is I don’t know if thats what I want anymore. All throughout undergrad my plan was to go to law school and my parents were beyond excited for that. I come from immigrant hispanic parents that are very traditional and just want to see me succeed. In their minds education = success. Of course they loved the idea of me going to law school and they would not shut up to their friends and family about it. Recently I started to realize that I don’t want that for myself. I really don’t want to come out of law school with 200,000+ in debt considering that I can invest that time in a different career and also be successful. Now back to my boyfriend situation. My boyfriend and I want to live together. He has a good job in a city one hour away from my parent’s and ideally we’d like to live there. My parents never had an issue with him until I started telling them that I didn’t want to do law school anymore. They think he’s the one who’s changed my mind and I’m throwing my future away for a boy. Thats not true, I’ve actually never really been passionate about being a lawyer, I just didn’t know what to be so I thought that’d be a good option. My parents don’t understand this and think that I’ve changed my mind over night. I took the LSAT just to please them (I had studied for it for about 3 months) and said IF I get a competitive score I would go. I haven’t gotten the score back but I know it won’t be what I had hoped. I got a job in my boyfriends city, I’m starting next month (its remote for now because of the pandemic). Its a nice entry-level job that can give me experience and while I work and live with my bf I would consider getting a masters. I haven’t told my parents that I plan to move in with him yet, I only told them about the job and they are incredibly upset. Everyday is a fight at my house and I get yelled at, humiliated, etc. My mom literally told me that I would ruin their life if I move to my boyfriends city to go live with him. (Kind of ironic because they were completely fine with me moving to another state for law school- the problem is moving in with him).
To sum up my question, I’m not sure how to go about this. I don’t want to mess up my relationship with my parents, I love them so much but they are so traditional. My mom didn’t move out her house until she married my dad at 30. And my dad is very old- like really old. So his age makes me feel bad about leaving as well, but I just want to be happy and I can no longer be happy in this house. How do I go about this? (My boyfriend lives in a studio so we would need a 1x1 for me to move in) Do I rent out a place with him without telling my parents and tell them last minute? Not sure how to have this conversation with them considering that we fight almost everyday.
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2021.10.18 21:16 ngdcs Young couple not having sex

My boyfriend of 31 and I (24, female) have been together for 1 year and a half. We have done a long distance relationship for the most part of our relationship, due to him living in EU country and me living in Serbia. When I'm staying 3 months in EU with my touristic visa, I spend time at his apartment. We've had many fights in person as well as on video calls. Most of them are source of my childish like behavior, but he's also to blame for some. I'd also like to add that he works a lot(around 11 hours per day) from home mostly, sometimes during weekends. Maybe this could be a problem since he's not happy with his job and works a lot? He's my first love and relationship experience, so I'm pretty inexperienced. I've been at his apartment for 2 months now and so far we've barely had any sex. I've initiated it last couple times, and he's not even trying. I believe that he's faithful and not cheating. His actions have proven to me that he loves me. I tried to talk to him about this topic of us not having sex, and the way it makes me feel. We're not able to talk about it, because he gets defensive and doesn't speak much of it. Last time we talked about it he told me that he has a mental block, and that I'm not the problem. Then he also said that he feels pressure like I'm always expecting it, and that he feels like he doesn't satisfy me. That's it. There has always been some tension when it comes to sex, from his perspective. I can't bring it up anymore, because so far when I have it has been a counterproductive.
Has anyone had such a problem? I'd be grateful to hear your guys thoughts and opinions.
Tl;dr young couple barely having sex.
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2021.10.18 21:16 bread13469 will the cyclone fit into a freelancer max, and will the cyclone be able to hold cargo when doing planetary deliveries?

I think it would be useful but i dont want it to take up all storage space, so if it does fit will it have room to spare?

side question can it hold a dragonfly?
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2021.10.18 21:16 nikitavvvvv I really need help. am I overtraining?

I am new to cycling (even though I've always biked thought my life, I've never done it consistently). Lately, I've became obsessed over road cycling, so I bought a road bike - along with everything I'd need as a beginner. Cold & wet weather has hit here, so I decided I'd buy a Tacx trainer and subscribe to Zwift, so I can get more into it. I've signed for one of Zwift's structured training programs. I've chosen one which is called "FTP Builder" and it stated it was stated it was for beginners. It is 6 weeks long and each week consists of 5 training sessions for the week. 2 x Foundation, 1 x Strength and 1 x Tempo. There is an option for the 5th one, which is called "Recovery". There is no rest weeks between those 6 weeks of structured training. I've noticed that some of sessions said that the FTP was set to 81% and 87%, which I had to maintain and I did. Now, apart from doing this type of training on the trainer I also do strength training 2-3 times a week + some running 2 times a week (I've decreased it to 2 times, since I started cycling). Many times (once or twice a week) after doing my leg day for 1 hour I jump on the bike for another hour session of those structured training sessions. After my last tempo session I've noticed on the next day that my sleeping heart rate has started increasing a lot (avg. of 10 beats). I stopped exercising and today is my 2nd rest day but I see my heart rate keeps creeping up. I believe I nutrition myself well enough. I do not count calories but I eat a mix of protein, carbs and fats, all balanced. I feel somehow sluggish and I have lack of energy as well. I am not sure what to do next. I feel like I don't want to stop now, since I just started 2 weeks ago. I'd appreciate your input.
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2021.10.18 21:16 Mlalm Seufz

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2021.10.18 21:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Carmen Mola was a popular Spanish novelist. Three male writers made her up | NPR

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2021.10.18 21:16 HelloThereWhere Sour patch kid marinated tequila served in a bowl

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2021.10.18 21:16 Budget_Election9095 Is the Wii U eshop down

Is the Wii U eshop down and nnid
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2021.10.18 21:16 LastChancellor EuneShock

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2021.10.18 21:16 HJenkinsRSN Paul Heyman Gives An Interesting WWE Crown Jewel Spoiler

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2021.10.18 21:16 iwishiwasthat Qual é o melhor rodízio de comida japonesa da cidade?

Direto e reto, vou sair pra jantar com uma pessoa essa semana e estou buscando indicações para rodízio. Preço não é uma barreira, então podem avacalhar a vontade, tô buscando Q U A L I D A D E.
Eu já conheço o Mori Ohta e o Tanka, e aceito indicações de lugares na ZO ou centro. Valeu!
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2021.10.18 21:16 AC-RogueOne Why is it that my grades have to get worse when my mental health is getting better?

So, recently, I’ve been having struggles with one of my classes Mythology. Despite it being a subject I like, I’ve been struggling with the assignments. But for a couple weeks now, I felt like I had things handled and was actually relaxed and not stressing about it. That is until today when I got a grade back on a journal assignment that ended up being 6.5. And now, I am freaking the fuck out cause my grades were good for the past few weeks up until this point and now I don’t know what to do. Heck, I don’t even know what I did wrong to get that grade. Seriously, why is that when I am actually in a better head space, my grades have to go to absolute fucking shit?!!!
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2021.10.18 21:16 Ok-Yoghurt-cheese Static noise and input issues on AirPods 2

My Airpods 2 (bought early 2020) have issues when it switches from normal sound to a situation where it records input. When I answer a call, the other person can't hear me, and the sound on my end changes to a louder sound, with a lot of static. It doesn't go away until I pause the other sound, like Music.
The same happens on Google Meets, FaceTime and Blackboard on my Mac or when I try to record a voice note.
I have disconnected and 'forgotten' the device multiple times. I have reset the AirPods. I have cleaned the AirPods as instructed on other forums. Any advice?
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2021.10.18 21:16 Sea_Blacksmith_7228 🔰 BABY IOTA TOKEN 🔰 Stealth Launch 🔰 Listed On PancakeSwap 🔰 Liquidity locked 🔰



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🔷 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.18 21:16 Ludmael Top 100 Argentine rock songs (with explanations) 1956-2021

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