Issue downloading Honkai?

2021.10.18 22:48 KoinGaming Issue downloading Honkai?

I have seen a lot of threads have the same issue, but I was still unable to find a solution to my specific issue. I have literally created a new Mihoyo account for my Honkai on my mobile device (as I read that you need to have separate accounts for GI and Honkai). Now when I try to access the PC Honkai page, I am being asked to sign in and I am unable to sign in with the account I just created and linked on my mobile device in Honkai saying the account doesn't exist?... This is crazy frustrating and I've been looking into this for an hour straight with no solution in sight.. I really hope someone can help me..
I have tried logging in on both of those websites (considering that )
Also found this website - Both seem like they're legit, so there's no reason why it should give me "account doesn't exist" when it shows up as linked to my Mihoyo account on my mobile device (unless both of those websites are fake and stole my info?..). I have already thrown down some money into the game so I don't plan on creating a new account just to play on my PC, but I'd really prefer to use PC..
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2021.10.18 22:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.18 22:48 Ioan-Alex_Merlici My ideas about new content related to the Archonexus ending and the memes and rituals.

Hi everyone. So, as a long time of Rimworld, the Ideology expansion felt like an awesome addition that I didn’t know I needed. Although, I get the feeling that some memes are more enjoyable and useful, while others are strictly for roleplay or they give you way too many disadvantages.
So, this post will have two parts:
1. My ideas on new content related to ideologies and to the archonexus ending (including a new idea for quests related to the pieces of the archonexus map).;
2. My ideas on adding new features to the memes that are either too punishing or they don’t really influence gameplay that much.
Again, I am aware that Tynan constantly updates the game and improves the gameplay experience. The game is already very enjoyable and I’m sure that the developers will keep improving the game and surprise us with new ideas and game mechanics. These are just some thoughts and ideas I had. So, that being said, here we go…

  1. New game mechanics:
The ideologion’s first prophet
A major part of the new Ideology expansion is searching for information about the relics of your ideologion, and eventually acquiring those relics from ancient structures. Perhaps, we could generate the “founding father” or “great prophet” of our ideology: a philosopher, cult leader, ruler or anything like that. There will be a separate set of quests related to finding the founder of your ideologion. Depending on your chances, you will eventually find him alive, inside a cryptosleep casket, where he hibernated for hundreds or thousands of years. He will immediately join your colony and demand a luxurious bedroom and altar. Alternatively, you will find his dead body in a sarcophagus, surrounded by great treasure (gold, silver, advanced components, weapons etc.) Either way, next to his hibernating body/corpse, you will find one of the three pieces of the map leading to the archonexus.
Parties for highly esteemed guests
Sort of a mash-up between a party, an organized ritual and a peace talk. You can invite the leader of a faction (enemy factions included, although the enemies might be more interested in crashing your party sometimes). Slaves with high social or artistic skills could act as dancers or entertainers for your guests. Depending on the social/artistic skills of the entertainers, the quality of the served food, the impressiveness of the party room and of the dormitory assigned to the visitor, you will get rewards (faction goodwill, gifts or info about one of the relics) or penalties (a reduction in faction goodwill). Of course, should you backstab the invited faction leader, they will throw a huge raid at your colony.
Love relationships between colonists and slaves
During one of my gameplays, one of my colonists started a relationship with a slave. However, I wasn’t able to assign them to the same bed. Perhaps, the developers could improve the interaction between colonists and slaves. Slaves that are engaged to your colonists should be less likely to riot and be able to sleep with your colonists. We should also have the option to directly emancipate slaves to colonists, should they have good relationships with some of your colonists.
Honoring the fallen soldiers
-if you own one or more corpses of your enemies, you can organize a meeting with the hostile faction (pirates and savage tribes excluded) on an empty tile of your choice. By offering them the corpses of their fallen friends, you get a small boost to your relations. The bost will be higher if the corpse is not desiccated or if it has a small percentage of missing body parts.
-alternatively, if you own the corpse of one of your enemies and you have at least one empty grave or sarcophagus, you can organize a funeral where you invite the leademoral guide of the rival faction. If the funeral goes well, you receive a boost to your relations with that faction. However, if you remove the corpse from the grave/sarcophagus within the next year, the relations will decrease.
Tribute demands
Mostly relevant to the Raider and Supremacist memes. Historically, it was very common for pirates to use intimidation rather than actual combat in order to seize treasure. In the same spirit, you could send your colonists to a settlement of a hostile faction and demand tribute. Depending on the social skills of the colonists, their number and weaponry/armocombat skills, the settlement will either comply to the demands or immediately attack your colonists.
New ritual:
Inquisition: the moral guide will torture a prisoner of a different ideologion, convincing them to join your ideology. The disadvantage to this ritual (compared to the conversion ritual) is that the tortured prisoner has a high chance of receiving a permanent wound and they will hate the moral guide
2. New ideas on the current memes
New advantages:
-mood boost to all colonists following this ideology when there are no slaves or prisoners in the colony (no penalty for having prisoners, major penalty for owning slaves);
-higher mood boost for releasing prisoners;
-a small productivity/quality bonus for a pawn if they have their own workstation (e.g. their own, assigned art bench, machining table, research table etc.);
-in the same way that the factions ask you to build monuments to glorify someone or something, your colonists may want to build once in a while, a small monument or a sculpture that celebrates the achievements of a colonist. Building it will give them a mood boost and/or an inspiration.

New disadvantages:
-at moderate expectations, wearing their favorite color becomes a requirement (if colonists do not wear their favorite color, they get a minor mood penalty)
-at moderate expectations, colonists will demand having decent bedrooms or pieces of art in their rooms;
-owning slaves, harvesting the organs of prisoners or executing prisoners gives a major mood penalty.
-not building the desired monument/sculpture might trigger a mental breakdown or a crisis of belief for that follower.
New advantages:
-no mood penalty for sleeping in a barrack (although there should be a limit to the number of colonists per barrack, so it doesn’t become overpowered);
-wearing their favorite color still gives the colonists a small mood boost, but having all colonists wearing the same color gives all members of the ideologion a slightly better mood boost;
-having multiple colonists doing the same task in proximity to each other gives them all a small boost to productivity (e.g., multiple colonists mining or chopping in the same area or multiple colonists crafting/cooking/researching in the same space);
-each follower of the ideologion gets a small boost to their opinion towards colonists with the same passions;
-once in a while, you can establish a production objective (e.g. gathering 1000 wood or producing 10 parkas). While the objective is active, all colonists get a productivity boost when doing a task relevant to achieving the objective (e.g. if the objective is to make 10 parkas, all colonists get a small temporary bonus to their crafting skill). Of course, this would have to get some limitations, so it doesn’t become OP.
-a better opinion towards colonists that have these traits: ascetic, industrious, hard worker.

New disadvantages:
-the same way greedy colonists want an impressive bedroom, followers of this ideology will want impressive workshops and hospitals, otherwise they get a mood penalty;
-followers of this ideology lose respect towards colonists that receive better standards of living than they do (i.e. colonists that are allowed to eat better meals or colonists that sleep in much better bedrooms, this becomes especially problematic when one or more of your colonists join the ranks of The Empire or when you host imperials). Having major differences in standards of living might also cause a mood decrease;
-major opinion decrease towards colonists that have these traits: greedy, gourmand, jealous, lazy, slothful.

New advantages:
-mood boost for defeating a raid/threat/mech cluster without help from your allies;
-colonists that rescue and tend to injured colonists get an opinion increase from their patients;
-followers of this ideology will not give up and leave the colony when having an extreme mental break.

New disadvantages:
-when a colonist breaks up with their partner or divorces their husband/wife, all colonists following this ideology will lose respect towards the one that initiated the breakup.
-lower opinion towards newly recruited prisoners, slaves and refugees;
-colonists will get very upset if a prisoner, slave or temporary pawn (refugees and pawns that will leave by the time a quest is completed/failed) has a better bedroom than any of your colonists.

New advantages:
-mood boost for each faction that is hostile towards you;
-major and long lasting mood boost for destroying an enemy settlement;
-increased opinion towards colonists that killed members of enemy factions recently;
-sometimes, you may get quests to build monuments/sculptures that glorify the supremacy of your faction. Fulfilling them will give you a mood and/or combat boost, but will decrease the opinion of a nearby faction.
-I admit, I never hosted a gladiator duel so I don’t know exactly whether your colonists can participate in them as well or it’s just a duel for prisoners/slaves (I’ll have to, damn it they look fun, even planning on holding a gladiator tournament)… but it would be interesting if you could instantly recruit a prisoner, should they be defeated in a duel by one of your colonists/slaves.

New disadvantages:
-mood penalty for offering gifts to other factions;
-the relations with other factions will decrease at a higher rate than usual;
-each colonist will want a skull on a spike in their room;
-visitors and traders are less likely to leave you gifts;
-lower opinion towards colonists with these traits: kind, wimp.

Male/Female Supremacy
New advantages:
-a mood boost for colonists if there are more colonists of the supremacist gender;
-a combat bonus for male/female colonists when fighting enemies of the opposite gender in melee combat;
-mood boost for owning/selling slaves of the opposite gender;
-higher opinion towards colonists of the same gender.

New disadvantages:
-colonists of the dominated gender cannot hold the positions of leademoral guide;
-perhaps, colonists of the dominated gender could be banned from certain types of labor (e.g., intellectual);
-mood penalty for having more colonists of the dominated gender
-lower opinion towards colonists of the opposite gender.

Flesh purity
New advantages:
=considering the major disadvantage of not being able to install prosthetics on your pawns (without major breakdowns every 2 seconds) it would be interesting if they got a major chance to receive a new psylink level when they lose a limb or internal organ and they don’t get any transplant or prosthetic for some time;
-increased respect towards naked colonists;
-satisfying the beauty need by being in proximity of naked colonists.
I didn’t add any new disadvantage, since this meme already presents a major challenge.

New advantages:
-as long as the follower’s ears and limbs are intact (or replaced with bionic parts), they should get a slowly increasing boost to accuracy and manipulation;
-blinded followers could engage in some sort of rituals or training that would boost their combat skills. If they choose to focus on improving their hearing, they get an increased shooting accuracy (since they can hear their enemies and know their exact location). If they focus on improving their tactile senses, they get better melee skills;
-any colonist that still has at least one eye could act as a “guide” to all the blinded colonists that have a psylink. In combat, all blinded pawns with a psylink, that are in the proximity of the “guide”, will get a major bonus to their shooting accuracy, melee accuracy and their ability to dodge.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Please, let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your ideas on the topic.
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2021.10.18 22:48 DarthSidious18 [recruiting] level 6 war clan looking for people who would like to war

We are a level 6 war clan who is looking for skilled attackers who would like to war. Check us out 2YCQPV909
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2021.10.18 22:48 the_meter413 Why don't triggers have individual conditions?

I'm just getting into the nuts and bolts of automations with HA, and I can't wrap my head around the use case where one would want to have multiple triggers, but only one conditional. Is it just me who wishes/intuits that we should be able to define a conditional for each trigger rather than one conditional for all triggers? Or is the philosophy for HA that we (I) should be striving to write automations that only have one trigger, and thus the one conditional is sufficient?
Here's an example of where I think the "one conditional" approach breaks down: let's say I want to write an automation to run my Roomba each day. On weekdays, I want to run the Roomba at 9am. But on weekends, I want to hold off until 1pm.
The pseudocode I really want to write is:
if (time is 9am **and** it's a weekday) **or** (time is 1pm **and** it's a weekend) run the roomba
But HA only allows me to hack this together with choose statements in the actions part of the automation, so the pseudocode looks like:
if time is 9am **or** time is 1pm if time is 1pm **and** it's a weekend run the roomba else if time is 9am **and** it's a weekday run the roomba
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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