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Please help me identifying this spider? It's huge but I don't want to kill it

2021.10.18 22:10 HussC137 Please help me identifying this spider? It's huge but I don't want to kill it

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2021.10.18 22:10 Sticker-Pansy CRYSTAL / WITCHY STICKERS AVAILABLE! - Now Selling Bags and Notebooks ! - https://www.redbubble.com/people/sam-bre/shop?artistUserName=sam-bre&collections=2437165&iaCode=all-departments&sortOrder=relevant

CRYSTAL / WITCHY STICKERS AVAILABLE! - Now Selling Bags and Notebooks ! - https://www.redbubble.com/people/sam-bre/shop?artistUserName=sam-bre&collections=2437165&iaCode=all-departments&sortOrder=relevant submitted by Sticker-Pansy to Crystalsforsale [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:10 mondayfreak Born blind tripping on dmt/5meo dmt

im genuinly interested in knowing what will happend to them while tripping, googling the matter doesnt help except for that 1 blind youtuber guy who talks about a marijuana trip. would they really see nothing but black, i have a strong feeling that they wont but who knows, there arent any reliable or good sources out there from what i can find. Let me know what yall think
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2021.10.18 22:10 Laki6noob_2019 Another meme with Cory's template

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2021.10.18 22:10 house_finches Caity, watercolor on Arches cold press. I learned a lot doing this painting.. some stuff works, some stuff doesn't. I'll do it again and see what happens. And yes she does indeed have awesome witchy green hair!

Caity, watercolor on Arches cold press. I learned a lot doing this painting.. some stuff works, some stuff doesn't. I'll do it again and see what happens. And yes she does indeed have awesome witchy green hair! submitted by house_finches to Watercolor [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:10 IwishIhadMagic Are there signs that that a candidate isn't going to be hired but is interviewed anyways to meet a quota? Or an internal candidate is going to get the role?

I was super excited to make it to the final rounds for a place but last time I made it there... they hired no one apparently because their needs have changed.
Any signs these kind of things happen and what to look out for? It's exhausting going through SO many interviews only for them to seem like they don't know what they want. How could I possibly prepare for that?
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2021.10.18 22:10 JesterFX I know now why this failed

This is, without doubt, the most confusing mission structure I have ever had the misfortune to play. Did they actually test this? Did they not listen to testers feedback or something?
I started a mission as Tony, the damn thing crashed, I reloaded and now I'm Bruce, with no idea where I'm supposed to go now. The mission I was on is not at the war table.
It's a bit of a mess, glad I didn't pay for it.
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2021.10.18 22:10 PolywannaKrakar Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 quality issue

I purchased these in November 2020. In March, the left earbud stopped working and I could hear a metallic clicking inside when touched. I sent them in to Sennheiser for warranty repair and eventually they shipped back a new replacement set, but in the wrong color. That set has been working fine for the past 7 months and then today the same left earbud stopped working and seems to have the same exact problem. So again, I have to pay for shipping to send the broken earbuds back to them so they can take care of the problem.
I'm very unhappy with the poor quality of these earbuds, especially for the price. I use these while at work and don't abuse them. But I've had them die twice now in a year. I just wanted to post this so others would know of the potential problem with these earbuds.
I was considering other brands, but really like the battery life of these. Even still, on a busy day at work I will have to do a quick charge of them to finish the day. Unfortunately, all the competitors have lower battery life as far as I've seen. For the record, I own 5 other sets of Sennheiser headphones of one sort or another, so I am usually a big fan of their products. And these are great earbuds. They just seem to have poor quality in my experience.
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2021.10.18 22:10 FranciscoFJM Flynn & Flora - Dream of you

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2021.10.18 22:10 tay829 Crypto.com preventing me from selling coins.

Crypto.com preventing me from selling coins saying this is a routine security audit. I have not been able to sell coins since 10.16.2021. I have voice phone (call from Hong Kong) and picture verified my information. I only have around $1800 value in my account and I am beginning to wonder if they just randomly do this to smaller accounts to siphon money or coins? They refuse to give me any information other than another department is looking into the matter. So far, the only crypto mistake I have made is opening an account with crypto.com. Anyone else had this issue before? I would recommend new people stay away from them.
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2021.10.18 22:10 RowRow1990 They know when they're needed 💜

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2021.10.18 22:10 Ozgurkzlky İnstagram sunucuları çöktü.

Ananı sikeyim zuckerberg
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2021.10.18 22:10 Venturian_Candidate Colin Powell was a cum-guzzling nazi

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2021.10.18 22:10 ExcellentAd2155 A whole treeo

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2021.10.18 22:10 xaxaxaxAquickaccount egg_irl

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2021.10.18 22:10 billyman10 (No spoiler) POV: your about to start Below Zero

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2021.10.18 22:10 microwavedindividual (Meter Report: Sound: Frequency ) First time the hum has almost a straight line at 117.18 which is auditory steady state response. ASSR is scalp-recorded potentials elicited in response to sinusoidal amplitude and/or frequency-modulated tones.

(Meter Report: Sound: Frequency ) First time the hum has almost a straight line at 117.18 which is auditory steady state response. ASSR is scalp-recorded potentials elicited in response to sinusoidal amplitude and/or frequency-modulated tones. submitted by microwavedindividual to TargetedEnergyWeapons [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:10 bluesohle First sit of the year. Also trying out new sticks.

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2021.10.18 22:10 ContentForager My 4 month old kitten taught herself to use my toilet. (/r/Pets)

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2021.10.18 22:10 Suspicious-Chart1429 Warrants or calls?

I am planning on locking up 1000 shares in either warrants or calls. I don’t have the money in my Roth IRA to buy this many shares yet so I’m going with warrants or calls. I don’t know if it’s best to buy warrants for more initial investment and have a lower future cost (11.5 + 3.85)and longer timeframe or buy 2024 options at 25 strike (25+ 2.5 premium). I am confident ASTS will be well over 18$ and my warrants will be forced to exercise early. Is there any way to tell if they will do a cashless redemption? I won’t have the money to buy all the shares thru warrants if it takes off after BW3 launch. Looking for advice on which route will net me the most shares. I will have enough money to exercise warrants in 2023 if needed and not enough to exercise calls in 2024 unless I buy extra calls and sell for profit on premiums. Which is best?
Taxes do not matter since it’s in my Roth IRA
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2021.10.18 22:10 _myth_o_logic_ On this day : (18th October) In 1776 :- In a bar decorated with bird tail on Elmsford, New York, a customer requests a glassful of “those cock tails” from bartender Betsy Flanagan. Hence, came into being the first "Cocktail".

On this day : (18th October) In 1776 :- In a bar decorated with bird tail on Elmsford, New York, a customer requests a glassful of “those cock tails” from bartender Betsy Flanagan. Hence, came into being the first submitted by _myth_o_logic_ to ThisDayInHistory [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 22:10 HopeDataadamn Genetic Modification.

The workplace is crude, unsanitized, and extremely disorganized. As I walk down the hallways, following the group of fellow Galactic scientists and researchers, I see exposed wires, loose panels, and peeking into the rooms with open doors, such sights were horrifying to me. Each breath I took I nearly choked on whatever chemical is in the air, getting to the point that it was hard to breathe, while the undivinely annoying sounds of industrial whirring, clanking, and hammering filled my hearing apparatus.
Don't the humans know one thing or two about cleanliness? Aesthetics? And completion? This whole facility is a health hazard, a disaster waiting to happen, and every work done here will lead to someone's death. With the exposed piping and wires, the creaking, and incomplete floor panels, it's horrendously obvious they construct this facility in haste, or perhaps do not have enough funds to afford such luxuries.
If humans do not have the funds to completely check the list of workplace safety and satisfy the eyes of a design officer, then they cannot be considered as a race with unlimited financial and economical growth. Truly abominable of how they treat not only their equipment and shelter but also their precious scientists to work in such conditions. Their minds are brilliant, I have seen some of their work. From space travel to space management, to waste disposal, they bring so many new ideas onto the field of Science of the Galaxy.
It's just a shame they do not work in good conditions, and I fear that it affects their most brilliant mind and thinking. I feel extreme pity as of now, and want to just abduct their scientists and have them work in our facilities. We would give them the necessary tools, the necessary materials, and most of all the necessary healthy work environment that they need. So many distractions, so many disruptions, I cannot even hear myself think right this moment.
I refocus my attention on my colleagues up ahead of me, and I look closely at their heads and faces, even their bodies. I try looking for a hint of the same dissatisfaction within them, trying to see if they share my views and try to justify my observation reports. I curl up my lips in satisfaction to see that all of them, through twitches of their limbs, squinted eyes, and occasional retching from their tracheas, they too think the same.
The human guides that are in front of the group, guide it down the winding hallways to some distant destination. This facility truly feels like a maze, sharp turning corners, frequent deviations in paths, it's all chaotic. He's now surprised the humans find a way to get through this mess, but he doesn't doubt that they all hold some navigation devices on their person.
Now looking past the crowd of fellow researchers, I look at the Xenos, the Humans. Bipedal, two arms, and most of all, rather short. This is due to the gravity of their home planet, the planet they evolved in. The heavy gravity naturally pulled down on the humans, stunting their ability to grow past seven feet tall.
But I'm now thinking back to the background report on the humans. They pierced through their planet's atmosphere over one hundred fifty-seven sol sun cycles ago, landed on their natural moon one hundred forty-five sol sun cycles ago, and developed a unique faster-than-light travel method fifty sol sun cycles ago. In their calendar, it is now currently the year 2114, and calculating these aeronautical and space travel feats, their timeframe is absolutely phenomenal.
However, the methods they used to achieve these achievements were crude and brutal. They were not using refined techniques, and instead, put their pioneers in metal tubes and blasted them into the air with a chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. Practically strapped to a massive, explosive tank, aimed to get as high as possible and push through the atmosphere.
But they did it. I have to admit, their recklessness got them to what they are today. Hastiness, and trying to win over the competition are within their veins, and most often than not, they prevail. But still, I could not excuse the absolutely abominable environment their brightest minds are working in. Such barbarism and inelegance displayed by a space-faring species might as well classify them as non-sapient.
"Doctor Lkzex'ks, are you still with us?" I hear the synthesized, imperfect replication of the Human's tone and voice boom in my hearing apparatus. The translation device needs more work, but as I open my three eyes, I see that I have fallen behind the group and the human was checking in on me. I was quite embarrassed, my display of arrogance to the task at hand was shameful as a member of the knowledge community.
I first catch up to the group who is waiting for me, and when I still hadn't given an answer they stay still, and quiet. I open my mouth to speak, but the air I breathed in caused me to heave. Mine exhale bring some relief, but the chemical-filled air is still tightly coiled around my lungs. "Yes, yes I am still with you, Doctor James. And please, address me by my full title."
The Human smiles nonchalantly and nodded to my request. "Very well, High Scientist Council Member Legionarius Dahszik Maal Lkzex'ks. My apologies for wrongly addressing you, a force of habit, you see." The Human then pushes up his reading glasses and turns to continue to guide the mob of researchers and scientists.
The other Human scientist, his name was... Demeetree? I could not remember, must have witnessed my act of choking on air, and reassured me of the time of arrival to our destination. "Do not worry, we will be there soon enough, you just have to endure it for little bit longer." His voice is deep, and somehow I could not shake the feeling that his tone, and the way he said those words, were meant to mock me.
But I calmed and steeled myself. I am a High Scientist Council Member Legionarius, I will not be provoked by such a pitiful attempt at insulting me. I only squinted my eyes, and continue to follow along with the group. Besides, if they do mock me too far, their feeble bodies will be crushed by my J'rrkamb.
Finally, they come upon a hydraulic reinforced door. Guarded by two human soldiers wearing their standard uniform and equipment. In what they lack in their biological bodies, they make up by their mechanical alterations. If a human loses a limb, they would replace it with a pneumatic one. If they cracked a section of their endoskeleton, they would replace it with a metal pole. If they broke their joints, they would replace it with a ball joint.
It is quite a marvel of engineering and Human endurance to not only go through the process of replacing one's body part with an artificial one but also the long journey of adapting to the changes that have been done. Many of my race have tried artificial transplants before in history, however, once they've deemed the transplant stable, and the patient was discharged. They would die of shock, and immune rejection the next day.
"Alright," Human Scientist James said to the soldier to the right, confirming something with them. He then turned around, along with Demeetree, and face the crowd of waiting, bored, and exhausted scientists. "First, I would like to thank you all for coming here, and most of all enduring the journey through our barebones facility." Even the Human himself admits that the facility is extremely incomplete.
Human James holds up his hand and one of his fingers, raising his chin and act confidently. "But, we promise, the next time you visit here, it will be finished." Human James lowered his arm and finger, clasping them behind his back. "But today's focus is not on the facility, but what houses it. Ladies, Gentlemen, D'vurr, and Pn'oia, today you will witness one of Humanity's greatest achievements in science."
"We appreciate your patience, and we apologize for keeping this secretive until now. We think the surprise and shock will be worth all of your effort coming here." So that's the reason why I was not brief as to the reason for this invitation, it is a 'surprise'. The only thing I was surprised by of Human invention was the FTL Lagrange Drive, so I will be the judge of this one.
The huge blast doors begin to whirr and creak, and the red bulb above it begins flashing red, signifying their entrance. Human James turned his body, but not his head still focused on the group. "Better strap yourselves in, this will a woozy."
Ignoring the Human's strange description, the crowd of scientists, including myself, walk past the secure blast doors. And once I've stepped through, the environment completely changed. The room was sleek and complete, with no open wires, no anything. It feels like a lounge on Kesselring Station, with the temperature of the air cool, and the scenery beautiful.
Adorned with vases of various plants, the spacious room is colored golden with light blue elements in the corners. The blast doors beeped and it begins closing with the same familiar whirring. My peers are also amazed by the change of scenery but ultimately takes a seat at the arranged armchairs in the room.
The blast doors closes, and that's when I could feel the change in air quality. The air within the room is absolutely phenomenal, within an instant my lungs were purged of the impurities of the incomplete facility outside, and I let out a brief sigh of relief, just like my peers. After enjoying the newfound peace for a few seconds, I sit down in one of the many armchairs.
That's when I noticed the reinforced glass was in fact, not a mirror, as its mirroring effect is lifted and it gives a view of the scene beyond. A room of Human scientists, with panels and dials that look ancient, made from crude steel and polymers, but is highly important in each of their individual roles.
I witness Human Scientists James and Demeetree leave the observation room from a cleverly blended-in door to the side, and join their colleagues within the operating room. The little speakers within the room then make an audible blow of air, and it's from Human Scientist Demeetree that has taken over the intercom system.
"Ahem" He clears his throat and indication that he is about to speak. "Thank you once again for your time and attention, Xenos." Demeetree crudely addressed the group of highly praised scientists. Complaints were thrown and whines echoed, but they silence themselves a moment later. "As of today, you will be the first species' of the Galactic Community to witness this historic event."
"I am obliged to tell you that this whole event is recorded for archival reasons, please do not be alarmed." Several of the more war-like and paranoid species' looked up at the corners of the observation room trying to see the hidden recording cameras, but they come up empty-handed. "None of your reactions, or evidence of witnessing this event, will be released to the public without your consent. And that means from all of you."
That reliefs me somewhat. A verbal agreement is far from a written and signed contract, but it's solid evidence I can use in court if I have to sue the Humans. I tightened one of my ornamental shoulder balls, it being a listening device. "But if you do try to pull any legal shit on us, we have evidence that we legally can use for our case."
A moment later, Human Scientist Demeetree was removed off of the intercom system within the operating room and the sound of Human Scientist James comes on. "My deepest apologies for my colleagues' rude words, but he is right. Do not be alarmed, the recordings are only for archival reasons and not blackmail." The much more reasonable, and sober-sounding human ensured the group.
The lights in the observation room were slightly dimmed, a psychological technique to focus the group's attention on the operating room. "It is now time to begin the procedure. This is not an experiment, nor it is testing newly made technology. This has been in the making for the past decade, and we are proud to finally reveal it to the rest of the Galaxy."
The group and I witness a coffin-like structure be raised at an angle in the middle of the operating room. Human Scientist Demeetree and his colleagues working away on dials, valves, levers, and buttons while James is being charismatic. "All of you esteemed members of the Scientific Community, will be witnessing the final product of those ten years of effort. Sweat and blood have been poured into this project for the betterment of not only the human race but also the Galaxy."
Okay now, this is starting to wind on and on. I am now impatient to hear what it is they are doing and trying to show us. This whole formalities thing I've never been fond of, however being a Scientist means I am not free from the shackles of bureaucracy and diplomacy. But, I wait patiently, as in the operating room a small, scrawny, sick-looking human enters the room with the help of two scientists.
"Today, you will be witnessing the first artificial biological improvement on the Human body."
Impossible. Everyone within the observation room looked in interest, but most of all, surprise. This is a surprise for sure, and now I am intrigued to see how this will play out. One of my colleagues to my left have their hands trembling, as they looked on at them with shock. "I-Impossible... No way... I have tried in all twenty-three sun cycles of my career to artificially improve our biological makeup, to improve the lives of the born-sick, to save my kin..." His voice trembled with both sadness and envy.
Twenty-three sun cycles, that's equivalent to fifty-six sol sun cycles. "Where have you been... Humans..." I lowered my gaze from my colleague and returned to the procedure. I could not listen to his desperate ramblings, but what he did say is true. He tried for fifty-six sol sun cycles to do what the Humans achieved in ten, where have the Humans been all this time if they are able to do such scientific marvels like this?
I let out a solemn sigh and pushed away from the emotions that had settled within my heart. I want to see this procedure, if it succeeds, then the Humans have done what countless Scientists of the Galactic Community tried to do for centuries, if it fails, then it is yet another failure to be added to the annals of history.
"Here we have Anthony Young. He is thirteen sol sun solar cycles old, and he has been suffering from Down's Syndrome since birth." I take a closer look at the child's face, and it has a distinct look on it, one that appears... different from regular humans. "Down's syndrome causes a distinct facial appearance, intellectual disability, and developmental delays. At age eleven sol sun cycles, he was struck by an automobile, fracturing his spine and losing his ability to walk."
I once again look around the operating room to see any piece of physical evidence to support this claim, and to the right corner, there is a wheelchair with a bouquet of flowers laid on it. How tragic, so young, to not only be born with a disorder that delays his development but also struck by a disaster that leaves him paralyzed. The doctor within me feels heavy sympathy for the child, and I looked away for a moment, closing my eyes, to catch myself from slipping away into an emotional trance.
Once I opened my eyes again, Anthony is being helped into the now opened coffin-looking structure. Now with the structure, and laid like a bed, Anthony comfortably lays on the cushion. "We have full consent from his parents to conduct this assured procedure, and he himself had expressed the wish to be able to walk again. While the ability to walk can be regained by Anthony through exercise and training, it would take years, if not decades. This procedure will shorten that process into a few minutes."
Anthony is then strapped into the machine, not too tight it seems and he appears to be comfortable. Two Human scientists take several veils of purples, alkaline-looking liquids from a veil-holder, and slip it into their slots in the machine. And then, they inject Anthony with something, and then another injection, both with a needle.
Around a minute later, Anthony falls asleep. It must be anesthesia and propofol that the scientists have given Anthony. They are common Human drugs to inhibit their pain receptors and slow brain activity to the point of sleep. This way the surgeons can operate on the patient without inflicting any harm, and without the patient intruding on their operation.
"Anthony is now placed within the officially named: Hebe Machine. Once he is incased, the veils you saw inserted in the machine will have the fluids be injected into Anthony's bloodstream. Do not worry, this procedure is safe for his age." During Human Scientist James' words, the coffin encases itself and is lifted up on an angle again.
"We will now begin the procedure" I could not sit still in my seat. I want to take a closer look, see what is happening to Anthony, and see the Human Scientists at work closely in their respective stations. But now, I'm stuck in this seat, within an observation room.
All of a sudden, an almost-pulsing light begins to emanate from the coffin. The small piece of reinforced glass at the head of the coffin gives a much clearer view of this pulse, and like a human heart doing a tasking job, it pulses faster and harder. The light becomes brighter and brighter, and the pulsing becomes faster.
The tension is extremely high, what is happening? What are these pulses? Why are they happening? What purpose do they serve in the procedure? So many questions that I cannot get answers to right away, but everyone in the group watches with intrigued, peaked eyes with the procedure. I am at the edge of my set, my hands holding onto the armrests of the armchair, the anticipation within me growing, the excitement climbing!
And then, like shutting off a fusion engine, the pulsing and light fade away, and there is only silence. "Dimitri?" Everyone can hear Human Scientist James ask his colleague, perhaps concerned, perhaps ordering them, he can't be sure. Because a moment later the coffin that had made so much fuss, opens with a hiss.
It unfolds and reveals... Someone unrecognizable. Anthony's height has increased, his muscle mass larger, and most of all, his appearance appears to be like a healthy Human. Each of my colleague's breath was taken away, including mine. My earlier peer that had vented their emotions to me broke into tears, such technology. This is massive, absolutely massive.
Anthony woke up in this new state, and he too is amazed by his change. The scientists helped the new Anthony get out of the Hebe Machine, and he stands up. First, the scientists were hesitant to let him go, since they know Anthony has a fractured spine and can't walk. But Anthony clearly tells them to let him take a go. And he stands, so tall. He breathes a sigh of amazement, of shock, of surprise. He looks towards the scientists that are around him and begin thanking them all.
And the Human scientist crew breaks into cheers and clapping, I and my peers can't help but do the same.
The demonstration ended an hour afterward. I got to watch Anthony meet his mother and father, and they were enthralled by his new condition. I still could not fathom how this could be, but... I have to accept it. I see Human Scientist James, and I immediately approached him with haste.
Taking a deep breath to replace my exasperated exhales earlier, I try to stand tall, stoic, and respectful on Human Scientist James. But I just can't, he and his team's work here is incredible, and I want to know everything about this project. "I-... Doctor James Gunn-"
James replies with a warm smile, nodding. "High Scientist Council Member Legionarius Dahszik Maal Lkzex'ks. What is it?"
I chuckled, even after his world-changing achievement, he still respects my wish of addressing me by my full title. "P-please, just call me Doctor Lkzex'ks." And it gained a similar chuckle from James, with him nodding in confirmation.
"... Doctor James... What you've done here is incredible! Please! I need to know whether this technology can be downsized to affect food, medicine!"
Doctor James appears... smug, surprised, and most of all, holding in a laugh. I look on in confusion at his expression, screaming at him mentally to say what he's hiding. "Uh- Ahem. Doctor Lkzex'ks, I know that you're not aware of this, but the technology my team and I demonstrated today was an upscaled version of something we Humans already had-"
"Yeah, we've done genetic modification for two centuries now. Before, we could only do it with small things, such as fruits, mice, cattle, medicine, and more. We could not do it directly to a birthed human child."
"What. The. Fuck"
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2021.10.18 22:10 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing im gonna make a religion where we worship femslake

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2021.10.18 22:10 Motzeee Hikarus speedrun in puzzles: 0-1458 in one puzzle (obviously he wouldn‘t fail a puzzle at 1400ish but i am just bad 🗿)

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2021.10.18 22:10 kaneda2004 Oct 18 - More insider buying - looks like Travis can't keep his hands out of the cookie jar :)

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